The Saving Hope Foundation desires to help end animal euthanasia in shelters in America by providing the ways and means for people to afford their pets and not have to surrender them to shelters. There is a devastating statistic of 2-3 million dogs that are euthanized in shelters a year in the United States and we would like to help reduce that number to zero. We hope to improve this statistic by helping provide free or discounted spay and neutering, vaccinations, and discounts on food for those who cannot afford these expenses. We would also like to encourage and help facilitate easy adoptions to help save lives, end puppy mills and stop over breeding. But most of all we want to prevent abuse by connecting animals with loving owners daily.

This non-profit foundation was created in honor of all those animals who have found special places in our hearts throughout our lifetimes. We have been inspired by the love we have received when we adopt a pet - it is unconditional and unlike any other. Animals know when they have been saved and appreciate their second chance on life with every look and lick they give.

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